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HARRY COLE is Business Consultant and European Licensing Practitioner, specialising in the protection and marketing of Intellectual Property, and established for over 26 years.


Harry is the consummate Entrepreneur. After serving 2 years in the Armed Forces in North Africa, he joined a firm of Surveyors in Winchester. This led to many senior managerial positions and finally culminating in becoming an entrepreneur. During the mid 70's Harry developed and owned 3 night clubs in the South of England, including his favourite and most popular ZOOTS. Discotheque. Harry's musical passion is JAZZ and playing Tenor Saxophone. Owning a Club, gave Harry the opportunity of being able to practice and play his Saxophone whenever he wanted ,without fear of anyone asking him to leave the premises! He named his first Club ZOOTS after his idol, "Zoot Sims" the American (Saxophonist) whom he regards as a legend on par with Lester Young, Stan Getz and the great Coleman Hawkins, all musical giants of their day. And as for Harry, his club days are over , but he is still practicing on his long suffering Saxophone!

Harry is married to Patricia, his beloved wife of 40 years and is blessed with three wonderful sons Terry, Gary and Lee from his former wife and two dear grandsons. Daniel & Joshua.


[Consummate Entrepreneur]
Business Consultant – European Licensing Practitioner

FELLOW of:- The Institute of International Licensing Practitioners.

  • He Researched Intellectual Property (IP) systems and (law) and is the author of:-
  • Ideas or Inventions Can Make Fortunes-How to Make Yours!' pub (1992)
  • His book is considered to be the 'Bible' for Innovators and an authoritative A-Z guide used by many Universities by their Technology Students and endorsed by Ron Hickman, O.B.E., the Inventor of the iconic "WORKMATE" ® which made Ron a multi-millionaire...from this low-technology but 'iconic' workbench, which sold multi -millions globally.
  • Inventor of various Board Games/Creator of numerous Business Schemes
  • Former College Lecturer in: Business /Entrepreneurship + (IP)
  • Creator of GUARD-IDEAS ™ (Self-Help/ & Document Service) on CD-Rom.
  • Founder of - The Academy of British Entrepreneurs.(2008)
  • Obtained U.S.A. Registered Copyright on Guard-Ideas ™ (2008)
  • (Areas of expertise)
  • (IP) Expert witness – Mediation - infringement/disputes
  • Commercial Product/Concept Evaluation
  • Negotiating business contracts/Assessing Royalties.
  • Drafting or Appraising NDA'S -Contracts/Licensing Agreements
  • Commercial/product Judge @ various UK Invention fairs, including (former)1996 "Tomorrows World"
  • Judge @ British Invention Show 'BIS' (London) 2007 & 2008
  • Contributor/media/publication/ on intellectual property –entrepreneurship.
  • Member of the Advisory Panel - British Invention Society "BIS"
  • HARRY COLE is available for UK /International Seminar's or After Dinner Speeches

  • [Fees and expenses negotiable & subject to availability]

Contact Point : Email: harry@ideasprotected.com

(Information on CD-Rom is designed to save you thousands on professional costs!)

IT took Harry over 3 years to develop and 'fine-tune' GUARD-IDEAS ™ the "Self-Help" on CD-Rom. The extensive range of subjects on "GUARD-IDEAS" incorporates many special features, such as a 'Unique' 1 Year Guarantee Scheme, which permits innovators to obtain a Legal Opinion' from any Law Firm (Globally) should their ideas be ripped-off by companies after making a disclosure in confidence.. PLUS, you can download a Ready prepared Confidentiality Agreement whenever you need such a document -thus saving you hundred on legal costs. During the product development stage, you may need some expert advice, if so just "ASK ALAN" our One-to-One Email Service headed by Alan Wilcher, an Internationally recognised specialist in all aspects of IP and product development.

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E N T R E P R E N E U R!

(Business Courses in Association with: The Academy of British Entrepreneurs)


Emphasis on protecting Ideas - Development of Business Schemes, Self-Motivation - And Personal Wealth Creation and lots more!
(Fees inclusive of 2 Nights full board in top Hotel) [Initially starting in Hampshire UK)

Course For:

"Budding Entrepreneurs"


Key Staff/ Management of SME's (Small to Medium Enterprises)
Who have valuable Intellectual Property (IP) and need to protect or License it!

For Further Details of Course Modules - Costs and commencement dates
Please EMAIL: harry@ideasprotected.com