"Ask Alan" Customer Email Service

If you have purchased our document service you will be entitled to: FIVE FREE Email Questions as part of our Customer Service, via the internet, during the first SIX MONTHS of purchase.

Who is Alan?

Picture of Alan WilcherALAN WILCHER, IEng, MIAgrE, MIRTE, MSOE, is well qualified and highly regarded professional consultant to the Innovative Industry. His innovative experience spans over many decades considerable which includes management - project engineering for a number of major UK and International companies and senior technical consultant to an international energy services group.

He was founding chairman of The British Inventors Society (BIS) and the Association of Innovation Management, following many years on the executive board of the Institute of Patentees and Inventors. Also authoring and implementing standards for judging international innovation competitions, acting as organising chairman for many.

HARRY COLE the creator of GUARD-IDEAS™ ("The Company") and Alan first met in the early 90's when both were product/commercial judges at the same Innovation Fair, and both have remained good friends and professional colleagues since. GUARD-IDEAS™ are privileged to have Alan on board, who will head the professional team and provide our valuable customers with a strictly confidential and technical email service, on a 'ONE-TO-ONE' basis!

Alan's expertise and guidance will include advising in the Protection or Registration of:-

Copyrights – Patents – Designs – Trademarks (Intellectual Property) but he may also be able to find the solution to a mechanical problem that has eluded you for ages! He and his team will act impartially and in your best interest at all times.

In particular, he will respond to almost any question on "What do I do next?"

Ask Alan's Team will undertakes to answer your query within 24 to 48 hours, although endeavours will be made to respond much earlier with thought-through answers and suggestions and many times solutions. "REMEMBER", you will always remain in control.

Please be aware: You don't have to take the advice that our team provides and the COMPANY will not be held liable or responsible for any advice given - whether taken or not.

Alan and his team will deal with the answers in a straight-forward, no-nonsense manner - Should questions be put that are outside the scope of our teams knowledge , you will be advised without delay and alternative suggestions offered, where possible.

Remember, our Email Service is a valued part of our professional and business Guide Service and is there to assist you through the challenges ahead. Neither Alan and his team, or the COMPANY of GUARD-IDEAS™ will give any guarantees of your success. ALAN or his team will however, treat every disclosure you make in absolute confidence. We ask you to PLEASE keep your questions brief, direct and to the point!

TO GAIN ACCESS TO "ASK ALAN" simply email Alan through the address below with your name in the subject line of your email and compose your question and send!



If you are not happy with the response to "Ask Alan" service, or his Team fail to come back to you within a reasonable time, we want to hear about it! – therefore, please do not hesitate to email the COMPANY who promise to deal with any complaint swiftly. That said, it's also encouraging to receive constructive comments which may be helpful to improve our service to you. But above all, we DO like to rejoice in any success stories – so please inform us about them.


The Laws relating to Intellectual Property (IP) and for the registration thereof, are subject to modification or even recindment by respective legislators. As such, "THE COMPANY" cannot be held liable for any article/s within this collection of articles which do not contain the up-dated or current laws nor hold themselves liable for any inaccuracies or mis-statements made by the 'Ask Alan' team provided under this customer Email Service.


Persons using the ASK ALAN email service are strongly advised to seek independent legal advice on matters which require further detailed clarification. The COMPANY and/or their AGENTS accept no responsibility or legal liability whatsoever for any loss damage or claim resulting from any advice or information provided under the ASK ALAN email service.