(1) Our Document Service is to be regarded as a 'back-up' support service. We therefore, can give no guarantee nor do we imply that the use of our Confidentiality Agreement known as GUARD IDEAS™ would prevent 'Ideas or Inventions' from being Plagiarised or infringed by Parties to the said document OR by non-signatory Parties to the said document.

(2) Our Document Service is a 'Safety-net' against the Consequences of Plagiarism, Breach of Confidence or Misuse of Confidential Information, ("The Disclosure") that was received under an obligation of confidence by the 'Receiving' party and as such, the said document is a legally binding instrument that may be used as supportive evidence in a case relating to Breach of Confidence brought before a Court of Law.



( International Confidential Agreement)

Confidentiality Agreements won't actually prevent your idea from being 'ripped-off' – Nor indeed, would being granted a PATENT on your Invention prevent Infringement of your Invention.

Confidentiality Agreements are presumed to act as a strong Deterrent, or a warning to those who evaluate ideas in confidence, not to breach their 'obligation' under the said document. It must be said that both the INVENTOR and the RECEIVER of information have obligations to each other, AND both have rights under the law.

Such documents are "LEGALLY ENFORCEABLE" and other benefits are that it provides the "USER" with irrefutable evidence in a Court of Law - that confidential information ("ideas") was disclosed under a binder of secrecy.