Our 1 Year Legal Cover

Terms & Conditions:

IF within the period of the Legal Cover:-

The Party who signed your Confidentiality Agreement, breached the terms of your confidentiality agreement and providing you have complied with the full terms and conditions of this Legal Cover, We shall:-

  • Authorise you to engage the services of a practicing lawyer of your choice and in any Country of your choice to provide you with a 'legal opinion' relating to the alleged breach of confidence you complain of.
  • Our Legal Cover payment is for a MAXIMUM sum of:- ONE THOUSAND POUNDS (£1000) STERLING.
  • Payments shall be made direct to the law firm and not to the claimant.
  • A Copy of legal opinion must be sent to us by your appointed law firm.
  • Upon receipt of a Copy – our Legal Cover will be honoured.
  • The Claimant will be liable to pay his lawyer fees that are in excess of the sum payable under our Legal Cover Scheme.

Important Notice

The Management cannot become involved in the Claimants legal affairs or any litigation he may initiate beyond the stage of honouring the commitment under our Legal Cover Scheme.

If you suspect a breach of confidence has occurred you must;-

  • Contact us immediately by email or REGISTERED POST and give us the full facts of your allegation:
  • We will need to carry out an investigation of your claim and establish the facts before our Legal Cover payment is approved.
  • You will need to comply with the following relating to

    CLAUSE B of:- Guard Ideas ™ ("The Document")
  • Provide us with a full copy of the document signed by all parties.
  • IF you have filed a Patent Application – please state your Priority Date. (first Country only)
  • Failure to use the said document whenever making a disclosure of your SUBJECT MATTER shall render all claims under terms of this Legal Cover INVALID:

  • In special circumstance whereby, a proposed RECEIVER of Confidential information steadfastly refused to sign the DISCLOSEE'S Confidentiality Agreement - but nonetheless he agreed to receive INFORMATION in confidence – The Claimant would need to show proof that the 'disclosure' of such information was made under an obligation of confidence by the other Party. For Example :- The Receiver IMPLIED in a letter that he would respect all confidentiality disclosed at the time.
  • No claims will be processed or valid if your document is not counter-signed and dated by the Party to whom you made a confidential disclosure – Save for special waiver under 1V.

The Legal Cover Period Starts:-

  • From the date you purchased the said document, and not the date you made the disclosure, or filed a patent application. (If applicable)
  • You are only entitled to make ONE CLAIM (1) under this Legal Cover Scheme.
  • Claims must relate directly to the actual Idea -Invention – Design or Subject Matter as disclosed in:-

    Clause B (Page 1 of your document)and no other Subject Matter would constitute a valid claim under the said Legal Cover. Scheme
  • If required to do so, you must show us proof that you are the CREATOR of the Subject Matter or own title to the Subject Matter that was disclosed in accordance with your declaration made under:-

    Clause C (Page 2 of your document) failure to show proof of title, may invalidate your claim under our Legal Cover Scheme.

    Under the Terms of the Legal Cover Scheme:-
  • The payment under the said Legal Cover Scheme shall not exceed £1000. Sterling Irrespective of the actual amount charged by the Claimants appointed lawyer.

  • Claims founded on fraud or misrepresentation shall render claims to be invalid and no refund will be made.
  • This Legal Cover Scheme is not assignable over to any other Party.
  • Failure to comply with any terms or conditions contained herein shall invalidate any claim made under the said Legal Cover Scheme.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE (Disclaimer):

    See footnotes.

    There may be times when, following our investigation of the facts, your alleged Infringer may provide us with supportive evidence to show they own the Right to the Intellectual Property thus indicating that no breach of confidence occurred.
  • In the EVENT:- of a doubtful claim, the Claimant would be required to engage the services of a practicing Lawyer, at their own expense, to validate TITLE to the Intellectual Property which was declared under Clause C of the said document by the Claimant.
  • If no validation is produced under Clause C within THREE (3) Months, of making the claim, the management will accept no liability whatsoever.
  • TERMINATION OF LEGAL COVER/DOCUMENT: (a) OUR LEGAL COVER is vaild for ONE YEAR (1) from date of your document purchase. (b) The right to 'use' or replicate our document/s will be automatically teminated after THREE YEARS (3) from date of your purchase.


The Management or their Agents shall not be held liable for any costs or damages arising out of any dispute caused directly or indirectly between the PARTIES, and shall only be liable to honour our Legal Cover, subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Legal Cover being fully complied with.
The aforementioned information is expressed as a GUIDE only and is not meant to be definitive. Users of this information are strongly advised to seek independent legal advice on matters which require further detailed clarification. The Management and/or their AGENTS accepts no responsibility or legal liability whatsoever, resulting from errors or omissions, use or "misuse" of any information displayed on this website whether placed by us or displayed by others with or without our authorisation:

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