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Filing a Patent Application does not give you any rights whatsoever - other than receiving your PRIORITY DATE by the Patent Office which is their acknowledgement that your application has been received on such a day (Priority Date). For example:- you may still be in the early stages of developing your Invention and need to discuss in (confidence) aspects of your Invention or new technology or Know-how with a number of Companies. Therefore, it's always wise to only make a disclosure of information, under a binder of Confidentiality - using GUARD-IDEA™ ("The Document")

As part of our Service you receive:-

  • 2 Pre-Drafted International Confidentiality Agreements "The Document" for Inventors and Entrepreneurs

Just add your name/address and brief description of concept and submit!

Please click sample page for enlarged preview of the "INVENTOR" (document)

(For security reasons only 2 pages of the 4 page documents are available for preview)


OUR Other Document is specifically drafted for (CREATORS) of Ideas with un-patentable products or concepts such as:-


Including: Submissions of Ideas or FORMATS to TV Game Shows or Sitcom Series etc usually protected by Copyright!

Creator Document Thumbnail Creator Document Thumbnail

Please click sample page for enlarged preview of the "CREATOR" (document)

As part of our Service you will also receive our full "SELF-HELP" on CD-Rom (pdfs)

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FINALLY, as part of our Comprehensive Service – you will receive our unique 1 year Legal Cover which is Your GUARANTEE!

We will need your email address for us to send your insurance certificate & Claim code:

If you are involved in a case of:- BREACH OF CONFIDENCE
Or believe a company has stolen your idea 'after' making a disclosure in confidence


WE even go further to provide you with peace of mind!

Our unique LEGAL COVER SCHEME gives you the authority to appoint ANY practicing LAWYER or BARRISTER anywhere on this Planet!

For Example:
Wherever you live, be it the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy or any other Country on the Globe, you will be able to engage the professional services of a Law Firm in that Country. But be aware, you will have to pay any legal fees charged by your chosen lawyer over and above our Legal Cover sum of £1000. (GBP)


After verifying all the facts of both parties – if there appears to be a clear case of 'Misuse of private information' we will instruct your appointed lawyer to provide you with a written LEGAL OPINION to establish whether you have sufficient legal grounds to sue your alleged infringer and seek damages in a Court of Law. Once you have that opinion, the decision to sue your alleged infringed, will be entirely yours. We cannot become involved in any legal dispute or litigation.

This outstanding comprehensive Service for a special offer price of £49.99 (More on our Legal Cover)

If you just need a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT you can receive 2 Guard-Idea ("documents") For International Use! One is drafted for Inventors in process of filing/or awaiting PATENT, the other is drafted for the 'Submission' of ideas or confidential information! PLUS:- Our 1 YEAR 'Legal Cost Indemnity' against breach of trust! All this for a price of £29.99 fully inclusive of P&P.

These documents will be provided as PDFs on a CD and will be posted on receipt of payment and postage details. Delivery time is approximately 7 - 10 days (internationally).

Notice: It would constitute an unlawful act to "Misuse" information stored on this disc, All Copyright Reserved : 2007

You have an option to pay by cheque or Postal Order (United Kingdom only!)

Cheques payable to:- GUARD-IDEAS (GLOBALLY) LTD

Please allow minimum 14 days for cheque clearance (No cheques will be represented).
For payments other than those made by PAY PAL, we will require your email & home address.

Please Email: admin@ideasprotected.co.uk for address of our Head Office.

THANK YOU for your valued custom - please send details of our Service and domain: www.ideasprotected.com to all your innovative friends and colleagues. Remember, even your pals come up with good ideas worth protecting!