What should I avoid?

Be warned of - "Sham" Companies

(Who claim to promote and market your concept)

Innovators need to be exceptionally cautious and deal only with bona-fide Companies – The over-enthusiastic Innovator, who are unaware these Sharks exist, may fall easy victim of these shyster organizations.

An indication as to their dubious 'business practice' could be evident when the unsuspecting (Inventor) is asked to pay by X-COMPANY - an 'up-front' fee to cover the company's administration expenses. –

Most of these fly-by-night companies, usually operate from City based palatial offices which give the impression of their importance or success. Usually, the initial Fee is moderate – which is designed to DISARM the Inventor and win-over his confidence.

But a few weeks or months later, the Inventor will be handed or sent a well prepared document, purporting to be a commercial evaluation of his Invention implying that X-COMPANY has received WORLD-WIDE interest, and the inventor could expect to make fortunes from his Invention.

You may be invited to visit their office:-

(if you do make a visit)

Everyone in that Office will be rejoicing in your success:-

All will be 'singing & dancing' like they do on Broadway – Only because you may represent their next salary check!.

Throughout your office visit, the staff will be programmed by "The Management" to rush-up and congratulate you on your great achievement, and they make comments like...

What a genius you must be'…If only I had an idea like that – I've told my Uncle Harry all about your great idea and he loves it! ( Yes – and so much for their legal obligation of respecting client confidentiality!)

Even the person with the tea trolley will be shoving everyone out of the way, begging for your autograph. These charlatans could easily win a scholarship to The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA.) So make sure you never play on their stage!

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